Problem- Package Theft

1 Billion packages were lost or stolen in the past 12 months, according to the first Global Parcel Theft Report.

Close to one in ten people across the world, said they had at least one parcel lost or stolen over a 12 month period. A staggering total of 1,009 billion packages globally, at a cost of U.S. $38.8 billion dollars.

UK saw the largest increase of parcels lost or stolen compared to other countries, followed by Australia, Canada, The United States and the UAE.

Solution- Package Pally

Package Pally is a Patented Device to protect Packages & Deliveries from theft or damage at your House, Apartment or Business place. It is portable, lockable & easy to install on any Door or Garage without using any tools. It can also be secured to a Porch using a security cable or permanently installed in the ground using included anchors. Package Pally can receive multiple packages while still being locked & can also be equipped with a Camera, Alarm, Lock & Light, for added security. Package Pally is the best solution for Package theft. Package Pally protects Packages.

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Package Pally protects packages

Package Pally

Protects packages

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Package Pally is a secure, delivery Device that is portable, lockable, weather resistant and can attach to any Door or Garage without using any tools. It can also be fitted with a Camera, Alarm, Lock & Light.